Neighbor’s tree falls on your home? Your insurance responsible


Your neighbor’s tree falls on your home and your insurance is responsible for the repairs.

A neighbor’s tree crashed onto Mona Angel’s home on Winner Road during last week’s storm. The tree split the roof.

“It was about 2, 2:30 in the morning and I thought it was an earthquake. I was so horrifying,” she recalled Wednesday. “I just froze.”

She thought her neighbor’s insurance certainly would take care of the repairs.

“If my vehicle hit their house, I’m liable,” she said. “That’s their tree.”

But that’s not the case. Her neighbor’s insurance will take care of the damage to his home, but not hers.

And Angel didn’t have insurance. She moved in four months ago and was refurbishing the residence. She thought she needed to wait until she finished re-wiring it to get insurance.

“I was in the dark about that,” Angel explained.

Her home is unstable and it’s going to cost her $3,000 to $9,000 to have the tree removed. She broke down crying while talking about the situation Wednesday with KCTV5’s Heather Staggers.

“This is my home,” she said. “I just need to get this tree off of here.”

Her neighbor confirmed that the tree is his but declined comment.

“In general and in most cases, each homeowner’s insurance plan takes care of the damages to their own home,” said Traci Plemons, a vice president for State Farm. “It’s considered an act of God. In other words, you have no control over it.”

If Angel discovers that the tree was rotten or diseased and her neighbor failed to take care of it, then Angel can file a counter claim. But she would have to prove negligence.

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