Famous Men Weigh In on the Great Flip-flop Debate

It’s Beach Week at the Cut, and time to continue the ongoing debate: Should men wear flip-flops? The discussion reawakened last week when Marc Jacobs paired suits with sandals in his spring menswear collection, prompting an in-office divide. As it turns out, there are certain criteria: Is the wearer in need of a pedicure? Is he at the beach? Is he at all concerned with urban hygiene? Here, 17 famous men step in with their thoughts:


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Seth Meyers: “I have been anti-flip-flops for a long time. When I see a person running to catch a plane in flip-flops, I’m cheering for them not to make it. I don’t want the people on that flight to have to be on a plane with a guy in flip-flops. I don’t like the sound they make. People running in flip-flops haven’t planned their life well enough. If you’re going to be wearing flip-flops you need to leave early so that you don’t have to be in a position where you have to run for anything. In a zombie apocalypse, I’m going to try to stay near a guy in flip-flops just because that’s the first guy that’s going down. I’m very anti-flip-flops.”

Mike Birbiglia: “I’m against it. I’m deeply against it. We need to stop it now, because male foot hygiene is just deplorable, abhorrent.”

Wyatt Cenac: “It’s good as, like, beach- or poolwear. I don’t know, flip-flops in the city just terrify me because you’ve basically opened yourself up to a foot massage from a rat. I think as long as your feet don’t look terrible, I feel like everybody, anybody who wants to put their foot in a flip-flop, go with it. Just make sure your feet don’t have any horrible dangling nails and don’t be that person on the subway clipping their toenails.”

Chris Hardwick: “They’re the most uncomfortable shoes to wear. They dig in between your toes. They’re only functional for sand. You’re supposed to sweat in them and wear them in the sand. I just don’t think a shoe that’s named after the onomatopoeia of the sound that it makes should really be … That’s just me. There are some dudes that can totally pull that off. I would look like a douche bag if I did. There are certain hipster types, I think they can pull it off. I don’t think I’m one of those types. I equate flip-flops with Jimmy Buffet. There was a period when mullets were considered rad and chic, or I think it’s sort of like how fancy restaurants will try to do a gourmet version of mac ‘n’ cheese. Like, okay, it’s good, but it’s still flip-flops.”

Ben Schwartz: “I’m fine with it. Is that bad?”

Vince Staples: “See, I’m not really rockin’ with the flip-flops. If you rock the flip-flop with the sock, it has to be in the house. Outside in the flip-flop is not a good move. Marc Jacobs is out of his mind. He’s trippin’ right now. It’s not my thing. I gotta see the collection because he has one of those minds — it might work. But I don’t know, it does get hot sometimes, you might need to rock the flip-flop in 80-degree weather.”


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