Core Metals Material Pack 1

Core Metals Material Pack 1
This material pack is the ultimate core to your material and texture library for your 2D and 3D design. This pack consists of over 50 high-resolution, hard-to-find metal textures of steels, aluminum, iron and alloys with both clean full-frame shots and interesting distress patterns. These are Metallicity exclusives… not a catalog of downloaded or absconded freebies off the web.

The Basic license price is for hobbyists, personal graphic creations, and non-profits all for $15. The Professional license version gives you the license to use the materials in your commercial work, website creations and derivative work copyright permissions. And when it comes to pricing, $45 for over 50 pictures is dead cheap, especially for the usefulness of this pack.

Most images average 2000 x 1500 pixels in size and are stored in an uncompressed JPEG format for maxiumum interoperability between graphic programs.

The Core Metals Material Pack 1 is delivered via e-mailed download link of a 68MB .zip file. When purchasing, don’t forget to supply me with the e-mail address you’d like me to mail the link to, located next to the Add to Cart button, below.

Contact us for CD-ROM delivery options for a small fee (within the Continental US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia only at this time).

Price (Basic License): $15
Allows use for personal, non-profit use

Price (Professional License): $45.00
Grants unrestricted, derivative copyright use for web design, commercial sites and graphic design

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