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metaGFX (I say it “Meta-Gee-Eff-Ex” so as not to be confused with Metagraphics, another company altogether and one which I have nothing at all to do with) began as a lot of these things do… small.

Metallicity.com, the parent website, has been my lab rat for new designs, programming & script testbed, and host for any online whim I come across… hence the ‘workbook on port 80,’ as it’s called. I’m an IT director by trade, and for many years I’ve done plenty of websites, databasing and ISP applications which led to a lot of freelance work. I’ve done enough of it now to start expanding, and I’ve seen a growing market and greater demand for website design templates, logo branding, administration, and of course, traditional full-service web design services.

Eventually Metallicity.com became too small to be both a testbed and the business front-end, hence metaGFX.com. Here you can find those pre-prepared web templates in a quickly deployable zip format, ready for your content and personal touches. Perhaps you’re new to the web, or perhaps you’re you’re an experienced surfer looking for unique design (I think I have “unique” down in spades), or even you’re a real ASP, PHP, SQL & JavaScript guru who just doesn’t have the time or the Photoshop experience for the graphic front-end. I’ve got you covered.

Templates and logos are good, but perhaps you need a full-service designer to incorporate everything- template, logos, interactivity, databasing and content. I believe I have some of the most reasonable rates for class A design. Whereas the graphics, templates and logos work on all types of servers and systems, I specialize in Windows ASP, ASP.net, Visual Basic Script, JavaScript and Access databasing.

So have a look around. I’m quite sure you’ll find a significant difference in the products you’ll find here, ranging from rock-solid, suitable for your local bank-branch designs to way-out San Francisco free-form graphic interfaces and everything in between.  Contact me and I’d be happy to consult with you on your project.

Metallicity and metaGFX are two halves of one world. Stop by the parent site or visit the metaBLOGGER to find out what’s going on.

Metallicity, Metallicity.com and metaGFX are copyright 1998-2005 Metallicity.com & Bryan Siegfried. Please see the legal page for specifics and rights of use.

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